Be conformed to the image of God's Son with a...

Powerful Spirit - Renewed Mind - Strong Body!


Learn how to listen to God
and to walk in the Spirit



Retrain your brain to think
and act God’s way


Discover how to live in dynamic,
divine health & wellness

Live Long - Love Well - Finish Strong!

God loves you! He designed your spirit, mind and body for His special purposes. But this world has programmed many of us to think small and to live a “settled for” existence.  But it’s not too late to start fresh!

Winning God’s Way™ is a powerful, online, 6-week Christian coaching program. Don’s video-based coaching will help you to step-by-step follow God’s path and become your best you! If you would like a fresh start, this is your chance!

Take our free Real Life Assessment ™ and discover your Real Life Score™.  It measures where you stand today in your spirit, mind &  body. After you submit your responses, we’ll quickly email your Score along with my next steps coaching recommendations.

Coach’s Challenge

The thought of winning in life may seem impossible. The truth is that you may be fighting hard just to survive.

Friend, I want you to know that God loves you and cares about everything that is going on in your life. He sent Jesus to give you everything you need to live an abundant life. That’s the Good News of the Gospel! It is how He desires for you and me to live.

No matter your past victories or failures, God is not finished with you! Take a big step toward your best you and complete our Free Real Life Assessment™.  It’s your next move toward’s Winning God’s Way!

– Coach Don

3 Steps to Begin Winning God's Way™

1 - On Your Mark ...

Take our FREE Real Life Assessment™
to find your Real Life Score™; it
measures where you stand today with your spirit,
mind and body.

2 - Get Set...

Then join in Don's free online coaching session, How Well Do You Know God? It will help you be certain that your life is being built on a rock solid foundation.

3 - GO!

Our 6 week online coaching program,Winning God's Way™ will get you on His path. Then you will begin to discover and fulfill God's unique purpose and plan for your life!


View Each Week's Coaching Session

Week #1 - Discover The Real You
not alone
Week #2 - You Are God's Beloved
Choose Joy
Week #3 - Total Life Transformation
Week # 4 - Talk To Your Best Friend
Week #5 - God's Love Letter
Week #6 - Live Long - Finish Strong

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