Real Life Coaching™ Vision and Mission

Our mission for Real Life Coaching is to help you become your best you and to win every day God's way.  My goal for you is to live long, love well and finish strong!   
Our unique 6-week coaching program combines foundational Bible principles with practical and scientific methods.  When used together they will help you renew your powerful mind and unleash the Holy Spirit to fulfill God's plan and purpose for you. 

Our Winning God's Way™ coaching program is made up of three powerful courses.  Before beginning with Step #1  you must take our free Real Life Assessment,  it will help you better understand where you stand today,  After completing it you will be taken to our First Step in coaching. I encourage you to use this God-given opportunity to make a fresh start toward the real you, and begin to see yourself the way God sees you!  - Coach Don 

Step #1 – Take our free session – How Well Do You Know God? 

This class is your starting place. It is critical to build on God’s truth. It will help you begin to create a solid foundation on which you can build your future.

✓ Does God exist?

✓ Are there many gods?

✓ Where is God?

✓ Does He care for you?

Free Printable Download – New Start Coach’s Guide

Step #2 – Take our 5 Truths to Train Your Brain Master Course

In this interactive course we look deeply into how God is offering you a “total life” makeover.  Second to Himself, He designed our mind to be the most powerful force in our universe.  It is incredible!   
Discover how to renew your mind to change your self-image.  One from seeing yourself as being only worthy of failure to begin seeing yourself the way He sees you. As a Christian, you are His beloved child, who is already fully equipped to successfully live out your purpose-driven life!

Learn to use your Holy Spirit powered mind to unleash your God given passion, imagination and creativity to change your world!

You will receive:

✓ 5 Interactive Video Sessions
✓ Online Course Quiz

Powerful Printable PDF Downloads

  • 5 Coach’s Session Guides
  • Your Personal Gratitude Journal
  • 5 Steps to Change Your Self Image
  • 5 Ways to Rev Up Your Creativity
  • Plus, much more

Step #3 – Finish Strong with Life Basic Training Course

Life Basic Training is a master course! It takes you on a quest in the Bible and in science for eternal truth on which you can build your future.  God’s will is found in His Word!  

This comprehensive course’s 21 coaching sessions are packed with revelation and anointing from God’s Word, along with my unique coaching tips and life strategies. You will learn to ignite your spirit, renew your mind and transform your body. Learn how to live long, love well and finish strong!

Discover 4 Life-Changing Kingdom Principles:

  1. Total Life Transformation
  2. Supernatural Power of Prayer!
  3. The Bible is God’s Superbook
  4. Amazing Faith- The Winning Edge!

You will receive:

✓ 21 Video Coaching Sessions
✓ Weekly Quizzes
✓ Earn a Custom Certificate

Powerful Printable PDF Downloads

  • 21 Coach’s Session Guides
  • Set SMART Life Goals
  • Write a personal life mission statement
  • 21 Coach’s Tips for a Healthy Mind & Strong Body
  • Record your God Story
  • Plus, much more!

Bring our unique, online program to your church or small group. 

Winning God’s Way – Small Group Life Coaching 

Our mission for Winning God’s Way Small Group Coaching is to assist a local church or other groups to train individual members to establish a solid bible-based faith foundation. Our goal is to help Christians begin discover and fulfill their God given purpose and calling and be better prepared to be active members of the church or Christian small groups.

Explore our turnkey Christian life coaching program to bring WGW to your church or group.

To find out more about how Winning God’s Way Small Group Coaching may serve your church or group, click the “More Info” below.