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Coach’s Overview: Welcome! Get started by downloading this session’s Coaching Guide. It is important to write down your goals,  we will be revisiting them later in the program. Begin using the Basic Training X-Factor Report to track your progress. All of my Coaching Guides are printable PDFs. Many students three-hole punch them and put them into your customized Winners Guide as a three-ring binder. You will be able to return both to your online coaching and to your printed personalized binder again and again. Also, all of the coaching videos are Closed Caption. Click on the CC in the video […]

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Welcome to Real Life Coaching! I am so happy that you are here.  Coaches ask questions and my first one to you is do you believe that God even exists? I pray that in life’s journey you have found the answer is yes or maybe just “I hope so?” My friend this is life’s most important issue.  How you answer determines everything else. You can start by simply looking around creation for clues of His creativity and craftsmanship. You will find undeniable proof of His presence in His mighty works. But even if He exists you may not believe that

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Coach’s Overview This is our starting place. In order to move forward in your faith journey, it is critical to learn not to trust how you think and feel today. God will change all of that as you begin to reprogram your mind by learning His truths and then putting them into action. Session Overview In this Master’s Course, we will discover 5 Truths to Train your Brain to think God’s way. Session 1 | Truth #1 – You are not trapped in your life. You will discover that You were born to win God’s way. Session 2 | Truth

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