Get the most out of Winning God’s Way?

My coaching system will keep you on the path and at a pace to run the race God has set before you and to win it His way. Here is how my life coaching works.

Winning God’s Way: Unique 3-Step Life Coaching System

Step #1 – How Well Do You Know God: video session.

Step #2 – 5 Truths to Train Your Brain: 5 sessions interactive video course.

Step #3 – Life’s Basic Training: 21 sessions of the interactive video courses.

Next Step – Complete my How Well Do You Know God? session. In it, you will ensure that you are building your life on the correct foundation. Second Step – Complete Winning God’s Way – 5 Truths to Train Your Brain. It’s a Bible and science-based program to help you improve your self-image, develop your creativity and discover the best you!

Final Step – Finish Strong! – Life’s Basic Training! In this course, we will dive deeper into our study of the Bible to feed our spirit along with my Coaching Tips for a healthy body and mind.


How Well Do You Know God?

How you answer this question is vital to your future. It is critical to build the rest of your life on God’s truth. This coaching session will help you to begin to create a solid foundation on which you can build your future.


5 Truths To Train Your Brain

How you see yourself will determine how you see others. Most of us suffer from a poor self-image, one created in our childhood. This course will help you train your brain to begin to see yourself the way God sees you.


Life Basic Training

We will walk together step-by-step to build a powerful spirit, a renewed mind and a strong body. We need all three to have an abundant life in Jesus. We dig deep into four Bible truths on which we can build that blessed life.