5 Truths To Train Your Brain

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Coach’s Overview

This is our starting place. In order to move forward in your faith journey, it is critical to learn not to trust how you think and feel today. God will change all of that as you begin to reprogram your mind by learning His truths and then putting them into action.

Session Overview

In this Master’s Course, we will discover 5 Truths to Train your Brain to think God’s way.

Session 1 | Truth #1You are not trapped in your life.

  • You will discover that You were born to win God’s way.

Session 2 | Truth #2Your past failures do not reflect the real you.

  • You will learn to think and act like God’s Champion.

Session 3 | Truth #3We live in a broken world.

  • You will discover how not to be a broken person.

Session 4 | Truth #4Your victory is won in the mind

  • You will begin to reprogram one of God’s greatest gifts.

Session 5 | Truth #5Your future belongs only to you

  • Begin winning God’s way and be prepared to finish strong!

Coach’s Tip

As your life coach, my heart’s desire is for you to grow to be the best you; the one He has created for a very special purpose. Maybe you don’t feel like you can really win in life.

You may be far from the abundant one that Jesus promised (John 10:10). I understand how you feel because I have been where you are too. My faith journey has been one of the great victories, but also of heartbreaking betrayals, failures, and setbacks. Through it all God continues to teach me how to walk each day in victory, no matter how I feel or what is happening around me.

What God is doing in you is far more important than what is happening to you.

Let’s start with my definition of Winning God’s Way. It is the adventure of daily discovering and completing God’s specific purposes and goals for you. Then by consistently fulfilling His will, your life will become a shining example of His love, mercy, grace, and power.

Winning God’s Way simply means saying YES to God and NO to yourself.

Finish Strong

My goal is for you to be winning in all three key segments of your life – mind, body, and spirit. You can’t be the best you without being strong in all three. Now is your time to start fresh. You are not that far from beginning to live your best life and impacting the world around you! He is working in you to fulfill your life’s purpose and exchange the way you think about yourself with the way He sees you.