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Winning God's Way Small Group Coaching™


Bring Coaching Home!

Our mission for Winning God’s Way Small GroupCoaching is to assist local small group leaders help their students to establish a solid bible-based foundation. Our 8-week coaching program will inspire students to discover and exercise their life purpose and calling.

Real Life Coaching does this by training a member of the local church/small group to become a certified Winning God’s Way life coach. That new local life coach is then able to lead other members of the group in our 8-week state-of-art, interactive online small group coaching program.

In addition to the on-line coaching, they will meet face-to-face in a weekly small group coaching session led by the local certified local life coach. Upon the successful completion of the program, the student will receive a customized certificate from Winning God’s Way  and the sponsoring church or small group.

5 Steps to Winning God’s Way Small Group Coaching

  1. Church/small group leadership identifies their local life coaching candidate
  2. Winning God’s Way certified trainer works with local small group life coaching candidate in our custom 8-week program to complete the training and certification
  3. New local life coach is certified as a small group coach/leader for Winning God’s Way
  4. New small group members are encouraged to enroll together in an information meeting led by the local life coach in how Winning God’s Way works. (6-10 members.)
  5. Local life coach registers new small group into Winning God’s Way online coaching as unit. The coach is provided with the training, technology and tools available to track student progress and to communicate and encourage them.

Winning God’s Way provides the local life coach with everything needed to train, motivate and activate students to become active members of the church/group. Our program provides the student with basic solid Bible training along with practical life skills needed to establish a firm faith foundation on which to build a powerful spirit, a renewed mind and a strong body. 

After completion of this unique program the student has the ability and training to become actively involved in the church/group and may be a candidate to replicate their experience by becoming a certified life coach and lead other small groups.

8-week interactive online coaching

  • 27 video interactive coaching sessions
  • 27 Coach’s Guide topics
  • Online quizzes 
  • Custom certification upon successful completion
  • Ability for local coach to monitor student online progress

8-week local Coach’s Manual

  • Weekly small group meeting handbook
  • Class teachers guide
  • Coach’s tips for student email connection with local coach

Price for Winning God’s Way Small Group Coaching includes:

  • Personal training for church/group local coaching candidate by Winning God’s Way certified coach.
  • Group enrollment of 6-10 students.
  • Special pricing for first 6 students. The next 4 students are free.
  • Price includes
    – Individual online coaching
    – 27 video based coaching sessions and personal Coach’s Guides
    – Quizzes and assignments
    – Student custom certificates
    – Local leader’s handbook
    – Weekly class teachers guide