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Focus On God’s Plan And Purpose!


You have successfully completed the first two steps in our Winning God’s Way™ program!  Now you can begin building a solid life foundation by taking the next step in the powerful master class.  How will Winning God’s Way coaching help you? Our coaching system will keep you on the path and at a pace to run the race God has set before you and to win it His way. Here is how Real life Coaching™ works. Powerful 3-Step Life Coaching System

1st Step You have completed How Well Do You Know God?  Now you can insure that you are building your life on the correct foundation.

Next Step – 5 Truths to Train Your Brain

A Bible and science based program that will help you improve your self-image, develop your creativity and discover the best you!

Finish Strong! – Life Basic Training! 

We will dive deeper into our study of the Bible to feed our spirit along with my 27 Coaching Tips for a healthy body and powerful mind!

The price of our Winning God’s Way Coaching System

It was my joy to be able to give you the first steps of the Winning God’s Way program at no cost!  I would love to give you the rest of the program but, I have learned how very important it is that you make an investment in your life.  To be a winner,  you must have “skin in the game”.  I am asking you to take the next step and join our coaching community.  

Many have suggested that we could charge up to $250 per month for access to a program of this depth and level of online life coaching.  Maybe that is true but, my focus isn’t making money. I am motivated by watching people discover how special God has made them and then get serious about His purpose and plan.  It is my goal that anyone, anywhere who desires to live an abundant life in Christ will join in this coaching program. 

With this desire in mind, we have set the total price at only $79.00 US. That includes everything! No hidden charges and no pesky in program “up sales”.   Winning God’s Way is a one of a kind program.  

There is no risk.  If in the first week of coaching you change your mind, we will give you a full refund. But beware! The enemy of your life’s purpose doesn’t want you to complete this 6-week program. He knows how valuable you are to God’s kingdom. 

My goal is to make it as easy for you as possible to register, so if you prefer we offer a two payment installment plan

Friend, if for whatever reason you can’t pay the $79.00 US, we still want you to join the program.  I am confident that this program will help you change your life!  We want to help! We have set-up a special scholarship program for qualified students. Send an email and let’s talk about how we may be able to help! 

Or Two Monthly Payments of $45

Our mission is to assist a local church or small group to help members discover and fulfill their God-given life purpose and calling and to take an active role in the church or small group

Meet Head Coach - Don Black

My faith journey has been one of great victories and terrible setbacks. Through the ups and downs, God has always proven Himself to be faithful.

He has blessed me in incredible ways. My wonderful wife, Teri, of 29 years and four tremendous adult children are all gifts from Him. He has made it possible for me to earn a master degree in communication and also to attend law school. 

Through the years, I have directly served as a senior leader with many anointed men and women in their international broadcast ministries. 

He has given me the opportunity to have served as president of a national Christian television network producing and hosting many life-changing programs. I am an ordained minister, who has written 14 books about faith, life, Christian citizenship and one about the American Civil War. I am a college professor, an inspirational speaker and a certified life coach.

My passion is to help other believers discover their life purpose, become Christ followers and to begin Winning in Life God’s Way!