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Coach’s Tip:

Be sure to watch my welcome video. You can turn on the Closed Captions (CC) on the video control bar. 


Coach’s Challenge:

Is your spirit growing more powerful, your mind sharper and your body stronger? Or do you feel weak, frustrated, far from the abundant life Jesus promised? If this describes you, I have good news!


No matter your past failures, know that God loves and understands you best. He created you for a special purpose. He has already placed in you and around you everything you need to begin Winning God’s Way™.


Our free Real Life Assessment will give you a Real Life Score™. Use it to see where you stand today in spirit, mind and body. It combines both the Bible and science to set your score, by asking you 24 simple questions. It will take less than 10 minutes to complete. Take the assessment now and let’s get started with coaching.


Real Life Coaching™ 

My goal for our online life coaching program is to help you find His path and to run the race God has set before you – to live long, love well and finish strong!

Don BlackReal Life Coach