Week #2 - You Are God's Beloved!

Master Class – 5 Truths to Train Your Brain
Begin to see yourself the way God sees you. You are His beloved!
✓ 5 Video Coaching Sessions
✓ 5 Topical Coach’s Guides
✓ Online Life Quiz

Powerful Bonus Downloads

✓ Begin Your Gratitude Journal
✓ 5 Steps to Change Your Self Image
✓ 5 Ways to Rev Up Your Creativity

Coaching Session Topics

Coach’s Welcome and Overview
✓ Truth #1 – You are not trapped in this life!

Start your Gratitude Journal
Paul’s Powerful Prayer Model

✓ Truth #2 – Your past failures do not reflect the real you!

5 Ways to Rev Up your creativity

✓ Truth #3 – We live in a broken world but you don’t need to be a broken person

✓ Truth #4 – Your victory is won and lost in your mind

5 Steps to change your self-image

✓ Truth #5 – Your future only belongs to you

✓ Review and take Quiz