Real Life Coaching™ Affiliate Marketing Program

Our goal for Real Life Coaching is to help as many people as possible to discover and successfully fulfill God’s plan and purpose for their lives.

To help accomplish this, we welcome leaders and influencers to join in our mission as an affiliate marketing partner to recommend and promote our discipleship program.

Real Life Coaching is excited to offer an affiliate marketing compensation plan for individuals and organizations who join our team. This compensation is based upon the affiliate’s promotion that would result in a purchase of the Real Life Coaching, an online program named Winning God’s Way.

Its discipleship curriculum is a 6-week online, asynchronous, coaching program that leads the student step-by-step on a pathway of discovery of God’s truth. The relationship with each student begins by taking our Real Life Assessment™ a free 24 question, online self-assessment that rates themselves in their spiritual, mental and physical health. Their assessment responses generate a custom, Real-Life Score ™ in each of these vital areas. They are then given access to a free starter coaching session named, How Well Do You Know God? This allows the student to sample our coaching program’s format and to establish a solid faith foundation on which to build upon. The student then is introduced to the Winning God’s Way coaching system which is made up of 27 video coaching sessions and given an opportunity to purchase it.

This assessment entry system is a powerful way for prospective students to understand our coaching platform and receive valuable training before making a purchase.

As an affiliate marketing partner, you would endorse our coaching system and particularly encourage people to take the Real Life Assessment. The Assessment generates an email contact with the prospective student. Our email follow-up system was designed to encourage them to take positive steps to enroll in Winning God’s Way.

Your compensation is digitally secured to the prospective student that is generated by your endorsement and promotion. We have a proven system that digitally follows every contact that your referral link generates and automatically tracks your compensation.

Here are some of the ways you can promote:

• Invite Real Life Coaching founder, Don Black, on your program for an interview or guest post.
• Create a segment or a spot for your program/channel that promotes the Real Life Assessment.
• Have your spokesperson/host take the Real Life Assessment and give a review to your audience.
• Put Real Life Assessment links and branded graphics on your website.
• Use your unique affiliate link in your email newsletter or other digital communications.
• Get creative and come up with a unique way to promote Real Life Coaching and the Real Life Assessment.

Compensation Details
We pay our affiliates 31-day after your referral has signed up and paid in full for the Winning God’s Way coaching program. You will be compensated for any future purchases that your lead generates in our program.

• Compensation for your initial referral’s purchase will be 20% of the gross sale.
• Compensation for future sales from your initial referral will be determined when a new product or service is offered.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration of becoming a critical partner with our Christian discipleship program.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Live long, love well, and finish strong!

Don Black, Founder – Real Life Coaching

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